Computer networking is the interfacing of two or more computing devices with one another for the aim of sharing information. Computer networks are developed by integrating the hardware and software system, But there are several malfunctions that can affect your computer network. You might have experienced this when your computer stops working and you don't know why. It can be very irritating if it happens to your personal computer but it can even be disastrous if it happens to your business computer.


    In case of serious defects, the IT department can surely help you but there are also many minor problems that can be sorted out by yourself but most of the users are not aware of them. Here are the five most common problems and their easy solutions to help you in solving minor malfunctions of your computer network.​

    1- IP Conflicts:

    By default, Windows ensures that just one IP address is being used by a single device. However, typically two devices can land up by obtaining a similar IP address. Due to this case, the network would possibly cause obstruction in one of the devices, that prevents access to protected files and might cause network lag.

    SOLUTION: Just change the IP address of anyone PC and it will fix this drawback in no time.

    2- Connectivity Issue:

    Wireless networking is a very useful thing to make sure that all of the interfacing computers are able to browse freely. However, some notebooks and computers often show a signal of connected from the wireless router however still do not connect.

    SOLUTION: If you encounter this drawback, keep your PC right next to the wireless router and see if it connects then. If it does, then that means that there can be a tangle with the system hardware. A network card often receives a robust signal however does not transmit it effectively. Changing the network card's drivers can also be the solution to the problem.

    3- Slow Connection:

    A common issue that business networks encounter is a slow response time for applications, particularly when a laptop starts up or connects to a network. It can occur due to high internet usage. For instance, if the interfacing computer has too many opened tabs along with video streaming and other things that it will automatically make the response time slow. Sometimes, not shutting down all pages and applications before turning pc off can also cause the computer to slow down.

    SOLUTION: Try to close all the unnecessary tabs and reduce the load on the interfacings computers so that they can quickly grasp the internet signals. Refresh your computer or pc whenever you start up so that you can quickly open all applications.

    4- Inaccessible Files:

    If you are experiencing a high variety of network outages at unpredictable times and your workers are unable to access files that they are granted access to, then you would possibly be having a NetBIOS conflict on your computer. This is more common to be experienced on older systems. If they are using Windows NT, then the difficulty can further exist in different Windows systems. Or If you have recently upgraded to a replacement service pack or received another massive system update, on your old computer system then you can experience this defect, more then before.

    SOLUTION: You can treat this downside by disabling WINS/NetBT named resolution unless it's needed by a selected program. Moreover, you can rename a PC or domain to resolve attainable naming problems.

    5- VOIP defects:

    Stutters, delays, and alternative issues with VoIP( Voice over Internet Protocol) can hamper a network's productivity and hurt telecommunications efforts. The foremost common issue with business VoIP may be a network stutter in the router industrial.

    SOLUTION: This will be resolved by putting in disturbance buffers. Disturbance buffers are often bespoken to suit the requirements of your network and are rather simple and cheap to put in. An alternative choice that you will be able to solve this issue may be a new playback codec with a packet loss concealment feature

    You will be able to use these recommendations to handle these minor issues in your computer network. This may prevent tons of your time and increase the productivity of your business.